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You Are My Friend And I Hope
You Know That Is True
No Matter What Happens
I Will Stand Right By You
In Times Of Grief
I Will Give You Belief
I Will Be There For You
Whenever You Are In Need
To Lend You Hand
To Do A Good Deed
So Just Call On Me When
You Need Me, My Friend
I Will Always Be There For You.

Posted by: madhusham | March 5, 2009


If one day you want to run away

Don’t be afraid to call me

I don’t promise to ask you

To stop

But I can run with you

If one day you don’t want to listen

To anyone….

Call me

I promise to be there for you

And I promise to be very quiet

If one day you feel like crying..

Call me

I don’t promise that I will make

You laugh,

But I can cry with you

But if one you call…

And there is no answer…

Come fast to see me.

Perhaps I need you.

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I want to be a Political teacher.I has passed the A/L exam. I studied Political science, Buddhist civilization, and Sinhala. I have 3As.Now; I expect to go to university in this year. As I think, after I can fulfill my dream. I expect to study Political science in university. As a matter of fact, I like teach for students. I can live with students. I can live happly, therefore I like to this job.

Posted by: madhusham | February 8, 2009

My village

Mahawilachchiya is my village. It is very beautiful. It is situated in Anuradhapura district. There are 800 families live in my village. The most of the people are farmers. Mahawilachchiya has a big reservoir. It is Mahawilachchiya wewa. It supplies water to the paddy fields. There are more small reservoirs in Mahawilachchiya. There is a sanctuary in our village. It is vilpaththu sanctuary. It is very important. There are 14 schools in Mahawilachchiya. Our villagers were poor but they are work hard as I think, we can become success our village. Our villagers are very kind. I like to my village.

Posted by: madhusham | January 25, 2009

About Me…….

My name is Madhusha  Mihirani . I am from Mahawilachchiya. Iam 19 years old. I am a Buddhist.I studied at Thakshila school. I have studied up to G.C.E A/L. I  could pass the A/L exam. My ambition is to become a teacher.  Now I spend my leisure watching T.V.                                                             


My mother and father are farmers. I have a brother.He  helps me always. I respects my teachers and my perant. They expect my success. As I think , I could fulfil  it. I expect to go to university this year. It is my dream. I obtained 3As at my advanced level. My district rank is 55.  


Posted by: madhusham | January 25, 2009

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